The Journey to Profits & Peace

I am so excited that you're here and I'm so excited to get started on taking you through the journey of truly creating consistent income and having peace and contentment in your life. But before we begin all the fun stuff, I want to kind of take you on my journey.

A little bit more about me - My name is Cassie Ward. I grew my design and branding business to six figures in a year. I then launched a coaching business and grew that to six figures. In six months, I received the award for 2018’s Fastest Growing Female Entrepreneur from the International Association of Women. I believe in action over perfection. I believe that client avatars are absolutely ridiculous. I believe in building a business that fits your life, not a life that fits your business. I believe in striving to be a contributor, not a guru. I believe that dogs really are therapy, and I believe that anyone can build a business if they know their superpower.

And so with that being said, I want to walk you through my journey to profits and peace. I was doing all that I could to find clients to prove myself that I was worthy and to get some cash flow in the bank. I found myself skipping family events because the drive was three hours. And it wasn't the drive that I dreaded so much, it was the three hours that I could be working on a client's project, doing a training. or doing something to grow my business. However, one day in particular is ingrained in my head forever. My mom called to tell me it was Papa's birthday at her house that Saturday. I was very close to my grandparents and had never missed a birthday before, but I had a very large training that same day, hundreds of people were set to attend and I needed to give them all of my focus. So I didn’t go.

That call was in January and I continued to hustle myself into adrenal fatigue, missed important moments, and gained weight. And this led me down a spiral of putting my business before myself. In May, I got a dreaded phone call at 8:00 AM that my grandpa had passed away unexpectedly in his sleep. And at that moment, I literally regretted every decision I'd ever made when it came to putting my business before my family. To make matters worse, on that same day he passed, I had to cancel calls, of course, and I had one client that had zero sympathy and was extremely rude to me. That was the turning point for me. And on that drive home to Arkansas, I had made the decision to quit my business. I was completely done with trading time for money, rude clients, and literally a life with no freedom.

Freedom was literally the reason that I started this business in the first place. Once my emotions calmed, I knew that I'd really come too far to just quit. So that's when I decided to put my head down and asked myself how I could scale without having to rely on social media, sacrifice my life, or miss these amazing special moments. And so that is when the Profits and Peace brand was born. I now teach the system I used to hundreds of entrepreneurs every single day, and I have set out on a journey to help people take control of their lives while still creating consistent income and time freedom. I am beyond excited that you have joined me on this journey. And you can always, always, always follow along with me over on Instagram at @simplycassieward.




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