How to Create White Space In Your Business & Your Life

White space? Yes, I am a business coach, but trust me when I say that this will save you. To be honest, this is still kind of new for me, but it has helped me in so many ways and I’m excited to share it with you! In this post, I'm going to take you through creating white space in your business and your life.

What is Whitespace?

White space is this sense of stillness, clarity, and peace in our minds that’s accessed by removing clutter and noise. The easiest way to explain it is that it’s somewhere you can go and think. Now how do you create white space in your life? Let’s get into that.

Creating White Space in Your Business

The very first place to create white space is in your business. For this, pick an area that is designated for a certain task, clear of clutter and distractions. You can choose one, but I have three places. So number one is my office. My office is where I do client work and client calls. So when I'm in my office, I am in full-blown support mode. I'm supporting my clients, doing design projects, things like that. I do my best to keep it clean and organized because that helps me work better, so every day before I'm done for the day, I organize and clean up my office.

Then I have my dining room. My dining room is my favorite place in our home because it has so many windows and it literally makes me feel like I'm sitting outside. It's where I allow my brain to turn off and detach from my clients and work on my business rather than in my business. Things like team meetings, visionary work, podcast recording, etc. happen in the dining room, usually with a cup of coffee and animals all around me.

My third place is my patio. I'm obsessed with my patio. That's where I do growth and learning, things like personal development, watching trainings, or listening to podcasts. Anything that has to do with growing as a person, as a business owner or anything like that, I do outside on my patio.

So those are my three white space areas, and I’m serious when I say having these spaces has made all the difference. I know it kind of sounds crazy, but when I get in those spaces, my brain has learned that that space is for a specific task. So when I'm in my office, my brain knows like, “Girl, you better get your client work done.” It immediately goes into client work mode. When I'm in my dining room, same thing. I start thinking about where my business is going, what do we need to do, what does the team need, etc. And when I'm outside, it's like I can breathe and just focus on Cassie.

Now, most of my clients have one space that’s their zone, and that’s totally fine. Whether you have one space or multiple spaces, you just need a space that’s designated to work. It could be your couch, kitchen table, anything, but just make sure that you're picking a designated area that your brain will eventually recognize is your zone for a specific task.

One thing I've noticed since I've created these “white space areas” is that I am way more productive. I used to struggle clicking in and out of client work and my own business, and so a lot of things would get left on the back-end, like my podcast. I wanted to do a podcast for a long time, but I was so focused on working in my business versus working on my business that it never happened. But when I created separate spaces to work in my business and on my business, I was actually able to get it started.

Creating White Space in Your Home

So you have white space in your business, now it’s time to create white space in your home. Our environments, no matter where you are, play a huge role in our mood, focus and productivity. As they say, the inner reflects the outer and vice versa. If we create white space in our homes it enables us to gain the stillness and peace we need to thrive, not just survive.

When you are creating white space in your home, it comes down to decluttering and literally creating blank spaces. It allows you to breathe, and it clears your mind because all that stuff isn't registering in your brain any longer. Just like my office, I have a routine at the end of every day where I take 10 minutes to clean up the house and put things back in place. I promise, you will feel so much better when you wake up the next day.

Having a nighttime and morning routine have also helped me create white space in my home. I'll be completely real with you, I have days where I don’t do them, but I'm a human and it's normal. As long as you follow the 80-20 rule, you'll be fine.

Another way to create white space is getting enough sleep. This actually starts with having a clutter-free bedroom. It may not seem important, but trust me, you will sleep better and you will wake up feeling better.

Taking screen breaks can also create white space. You’ve probably heard this, but don't get on your phone right before bed or right after you wake up. Take little breaks throughout the day where you’re not looking at a screen.

Creating White Space in Your Life

You've created white space in your business and in your home, now let's create white space in your life. White space can look like a lot of different things in your life. It can look like people, it can look like responsibilities, just to name a few. For example, I'm a yes person. I say yes to a lot of things that I honestly don't want to do. So this is something I’ve been working on, especially this last year by standing up for myself and saying “no.”

Another area of life that can cause clutter is toxic people. I’m going to get real with you all, you have to let them go of toxic people. With that being said, I've gone through a lot of this and for someone who doesn’t like confrontation it can end up being a long drawn out situation. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Jessica Swag once said on her podcast, “You just need to vibe up and they'll vibe out.” And that's the truth. When you start focusing on the betterment of you and on taking care of yourself more, you will just organically vibe up and they will just vibe out because they don’t align with you. So whenever you're creating white space in your life, remember that sometimes people are not healthy for you and it’s okay to let them go.

As entrepreneurs, taking time off is a huge way we can create white space. We want to work 24/7 either because we love what we do, or we feel like that’s what we have to do to be successful. Listen to your body and your mind when you need to take time off, and take time off. You won't be productive if you're not in the right mindset in the first place and taking time off can get you back into the right mindset. You have to remember that you're building a life of freedom, not captivity. So give yourself grace to be a human. Just like you schedule everything else in your calendar, schedule in time to not have plans, like when you’re literally going to binge watch Netflix. And I'll be honest, I have to do better at this. My husband tells me all the time, “Why don't you just watch some TV?”. I’m working on it!

The last thing I'm going to leave you with is, it's time for you to unbecome who you think you're supposed to be. That is going to create so much white space, clarity, and peace of mind. Society has ingrained in us this image of an ideal person we should be, and most of us strive for that. However, in the big picture, you will see that you end up spending over half of your life trying to unbecome everything you thought you should be in the beginning. So why not just save yourself time and quit trying to be and do all the things you feel like you should be?

I read this concept in some book - the first half of your life you're young and impressionable. You see all these people and think you want to be just like them. And then you get older and you realize that you need to be authentic and trying to be someone else doesn't align with you. So you spend the rest of your life trying to be authentically yourself. I encourage you to wake up every day focused on being who you truly are, and you will have so much peace of mind, clarity, and confidence.




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