How Pivoting can Create Profits in Your Business

If you are thinking about pivoting in your business or even in your life, know that we've all been there. So often we do what we think people want us to do instead of doing what we really want to do. If you feel like you’re stuck somewhere or you want to pivot but haven’t yet, it's probably because of the fear of being judged by others. So let's just dive into how to know it’s time to pivot and how to make that happen.

The most important thing I want to say is - I want you to get super clear on what you're good at. You're probably thinking, I was gonna say getting clear on what you enjoy? Of course, I'm going to get into that, but first, what are you really good at? For example, when I first started my entrepreneurial journey, I was actually a virtual assistant. A lot of people don't know that - Don't worry, I was a virtual assistant for literally three weeks because I realized it was not for me. But through that, I learned a lot, one of which was that clients were everywhere for a virtual assistant. People are constantly looking for someone to help take the load off per se. They're looking for people to help them navigate and grow and all these things. Clients were everywhere, but it was not for me. I was making money, but I was miserable and I knew I couldn’t do it forever.

So from there, I took a deep dive into what I was really good at. Another way to ask it is, “What makes people want to tell all their friends about me?”. Through this, I realized I was good at the design aspect of my VA work. So I was able to do a great job as a VA, but also made everything look really pretty and on-brand. My clients were obsessed with it because it's hard to find people that do VA work but are also really good at design. So that is when I pivoted into a design and branding type of business. So I had to take a deeper look at what I was actually good at so I could go in that direction and, obviously make sure that I enjoyed it.

Do You Want to Pivot?

If you're thinking about pivoting your business, here are a couple of things you can ask yourself to decide if this is really something that you want to do.

1. What do I really enjoy or not enjoy doing?

That sounds like a simple question, but it's not as simple as it sounds. What I have clients do is I have them sit down somewhere with a nice cup of coffee or a glass of wine, whichever you prefer, and ask themselves the deep questions. Let's just say you have a coaching business - What do you like about coaching? What do you enjoy about it? Is it the person? Is it the transformation? Is it that you’re helping them?

For me, I had to take a deep look at what I really loved about every single step I was doing with my clients. By doing this, I realized it was the teaching. I loved pouring into my clients and connecting with them. A lot of them actually turn into really close friends, even after they leave. This is what would just make me wake up happy. That's the only way I know how to explain it. Now, the stuff behind the scenes, that would get overwhelming and there were days I just didn’t enjoy it. I knew how to do it, I was really good at it, but I just wasn't happy doing it.

Being honest, It took me two weeks to really sit down and figure out what exactly I enjoy doing and not doing. Give yourself time. So in your business, sit down and take yourself through the process of coaching someone or even being a VA or whatever it is you do. What can you truly enjoy? And if the only thing you can get out of that is you enjoy the people. That's okay. It doesn't make you a bad person or anything like that. But we've got to get super clear on what it is that you enjoy about what you're doing, because you wouldn't have just started it if you hated it.

2. What are people actually paying you for?

So another big one! You may be thinking the answer to this question is the transformation that you provide. That is true, but it goes a little deeper than that. For my clients, I learned that they are paying me for peace of mind. When they leave me and all of their systems are flowing and they have a beautiful website that depicts exactly who they are, and they have intake systems, etc. they feel so calm. I had a client send me a message a couple of weeks ago saying, “I can't even explain to you. You took everything out of my head and just put it all together. And I feel so much better.” So by watching the trend of things, I noticed that people were paying me for peace of mind.

Again, this is going to take a lot of thought. Don't just throw out the first thing that comes to your head. Take some time to sit down, ask yourself this question, and dig deep for the answers. You can even ask your clients, what they feel like was the biggest transformation you were able to give you. Or what they walked away with? Do some market research and figure out where your strong suits are, because sometimes it can be hard to see.

3. Is Something Holding You Back?

When it came to pivoting in my business, the thing that was holding me back was the fear of change and what people thought. I cared way too much about what people thought of me and my business. Nowadays I don't really care at all, but it took a lot of mindset work to get there. So I really want you to ask yourself, “Is there a reason that I'm not pivoting now?”. It could just be because you don't know where you want to pivot and that's okay. In that case, you may have to come back to this and say, “Okay, now, is there something holding me back?”. It could just be you don’t know where to go, but if you feel in your gut that you're not aligned with what you're doing right now, don't do it.

I'm telling you, don't waste time doing something that you're not aligned with, because you're just taking away from the time where you could be doing something that you actually want to do. I work with so many people who are out of alignment when they come to me, meaning they're doing things that I personally feel they don't want to do. They're just doing it to pay the bills. Once we’ve worked through the mindset stuff and they finally make pivot, it's crazy. I tell my clients this all the time, “Listen, just trust me, because when you hit that flow point, it is literally gonna flow. I get people who come in and for months they can't get any traction. They feel like you're stuck on this or that. They don't really know how to show up or write copy for things. Everything just isn’t flowing. And the minute they make a little pivot to where they’re aligned, it flows. I've had people within two days give me everything that they've been trying to come up with for months because they're finally in alignment with what they should be doing.

It can be really scary to change! For me, I was terrified. I was making good money and I felt like I was killing it per se. I worried that if I made the pivot, my income would be gone. It’s a terrible mindset to have, but it's a common mindset, especially if you're not making a lot of money to begin with. So if you come in and you're only making maybe $1,500 a month or less, the thought of pivoting is a little terrifying because you're like, “Wait, I feel like I've just picked up momentum.” Word of advice - don't stay doing something just because of momentum and bills. Trust me. I went through this and it led me down a very rough road.

4. What Makes me Happy?

Now the very last question, what really makes me happy? This one kind of goes back to the first question “What do you really enjoy or not enjoy doing?”. But, “what really makes you happy?” is a totally different thing. You may enjoy doing something, but it doesn't make you get out of bed every day. Right? That's the happiness piece. What makes you get out of bed every day excited about your business? I'll be completely honest, for about a solid year I did not wake up happy or excited to do anything in my business. I went through that for a year, and that is why I had to pivot. So what really makes you happy? Okay. So you want to get super clear on that. Now, once you go through the discovery phase

How to Pivot

Once you get through the discovery phase and all mindset stuff, it’s time to get into how to pivot. I'm going to go into five things that will help you navigate that pivoting phase.

1. Always Be Transparent

You're going to get a lot of people on the internet tell you how not to pivot because your followers are going to feel X, Y, Z, or they are going to be confused. Don’t listen to that. Instead, just be transparent with your audience. When people see you as a human being, it converts better than if they see you just doing what everyone else says you should do. Does that make sense?

2. Get Clear, Meditate, and Sit on it

So before you pivot, mediate or sit on it and get super clear. Okay, that sounds kind of cheesy, but hear me out. When people go to pivot inside of their business, you don’t want to be that person who just jumps the gun. If you sit down, answer these questions and then the next day you're like, “Okay, we're going to pivot this business. Let's go.” You don't want to do that. Because if you turn into Pivot Patty, where you are constantly changing, like one day you're a nutrition coach, the next day you're an energy healer, and the next day you're a life coach. Your clients and followers are not going to trust you because there's no consistency.

Now with that being said, you're probably thinking, well, then why would I want to pivot? One small pivot in the right direction is completely fine, and it can lead to amazing profits and progress inside of your business. However, being a serial pivitor can hurt your business. So just remember that. A good rule of thumb as you're pivoting and growing is doing it in one-year increments. If you're at one place here, give it about a year before you decide to pivot again so that your followers can grow with you.

So number one was get clear, meditate, and sit on it. You have to make sure that at the core of everything you are, that this is where you want to go. Don’t just wake up one Saturday morning and think that today you're going to pivot your entire business, because that can hurt you. I sat on it for a whole month. Seriously! I talked things out with people and made sure that this was something that I wanted to do. I felt it in my gut and I just trusted my gut so I did it.

3. Get a Hold of Your Mindset

If you go into this pivot and you still feel like an imposter or that you shouldn't do this, you're not going to get anywhere or be successful. Period. You've got to get a hold of your mindset. When I first started out people always told me that you had to work on your mindset to grow a successful business. And I thought they were full of it. I really did. And I didn't do it, but that hurt me in the long run.

So make sure that as you're pivoting, you get a really good grip on the life that you want. So for me, in order for my mindset to shift into this new brand and I had to get super clear on the purpose behind why I was doing it. I read a whole lot of books. One book that I really liked was called Chillpreneur, which helped affirm that this pivot was really what I wanted. So I highly recommend that book if you’re considering a pivot.

4. Inform Your Current Clients

This is the biggest thing that I see people not do when they pivot. If you are thinking of pivoting inside of your business, let your current clients know. For example, I have a client who is launching an online course, but she also has one-on-one clients. She was so concerned that her one-on-one clients would be confused when she started pivoting, and so she drafted an email to inform them. The email went something like, “Hey! This is what's been going on. This is what's going to happen. You are still my number one priority at the end of the day. But this is where my business is pivoting.”. She reassured them that she wasn’t going anywhere or abandoning them. Instead, this was just her growing as an entrepreneur. The important thing here is that she let them know before she ever shared on social media, which is crucial. Your current clients are number one and you have to make them feel important. If they're working with you one-on-one or in any aspect they invested in you, they believed in you and they deserve to know these things and to be taken on this journey with you.

When I launched the Profits and Peace program, all of my clients got it completely free. They knew about it before it even launched. We took them on the journey with us, so they knew where I was going and got excited whenever we launched because they felt like they were a part of it.

5. Take Your Followers on a Journey

So after you've let your clients know the way that your business is going. When you start showing up, either whether it's on social media, email marketing, or whatever you choose, no matter where this “follower” is from, take them on your journey. It could be from the beginning stages where you're building your program. It could be when you are curating podcast episodes, and you can tell them that you have big things coming soon. Or you could share what you worked on that day. People love that. And listen, we all love reality TV. It's essentially like a reality TV show. You're taking them on a journey. And that way, when you launch, they're not going to wonder where that came from.

6. Confidence is Currency

This is the most important aspect of all this! Whenever you pivot, you've got to just keep going to gain confidence in your new venture. People often ask me, “I was doing this one thing for so long. How do I get confident in this new thing?”. Well, one thing you will learn is once you're in alignment, the confidence just flows in. So practice, practice, practice. The more you show up, the more you step into this new version of yourself, the confidence is going to come. And then the money is going to come, as well.

So I hope that helps you when it comes to pivoting. Anytime you want to shoot me a message, you can always DM me on Instagram at @profitsandpeace.




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