How I Structure My Schedule For Profits & Peace

So today we're going to be going over what my schedule looks like. I didn’t realize that this was something everyone wanted to know about until I had clients reach out and ask me to share my schedule. So here we are! Now disclaimer before we get into my schedule - I am human. I follow an 80-20 plan when it comes to my schedule. Most of the time I don’t work on weekends, but sometimes I do and that’s okay. So just know as long as you follow the 80-20 plan, you’ll be fine. Okay, now let's get into the week.

Before getting into what each day looks like, one of the most important things I do each week is I never miss a Monday, just like the gym. I never miss a Monday in my business because I feel like that jumpstarts my week, makes me feel productive and gets me into a flow. I used to try not to do anything on Monday besides maybe marketing and administrative tasks, but what I learned was on Monday, I'm still in weekend mode and by the end of the day, I feel like I didn't get anything done because I didn't actually kick it into gear until 2:00 PM. So now I never miss a Monday. We have team meetings every Monday morning, and I intentionally do that to jumpstart my week and make sure I have a good week.

Now into the nitty gritty. For me, Monday through Wednesday are call days. So that's team meetings, client calls, etc. A lot of people like to have their calendars open and let clients schedule calls any day of the week. If that's what works for them, that's great. What I didn't like about that was that I also own a design business and by letting clients schedule calls any day of the week, I would be doing design work and then be pulled in hundreds of directions because I would have to pause to get on a call. So, I learned that batching my calls together worked the best for me. I mean, there are days that I have eight calls back-to-back and that's okay. I actually enjoy doing that because I get in flow.

I’ve learned (the hard way) to set boundaries about when I will take client calls. Now, of course if there is an emergency I will make an exception, but in general I stick to my schedule. And this isn’t because I don’t care for my clients. I love my clients dearly, but they also know that I am human and a business owner. Would you ask your doctor to randomly schedule an appointment with you on a Sunday? No, you would not. You have to treat your business like a business. And that is just the way I set up my schedule, with calls Monday through Wednesday. As you're setting your schedule up, remember that your clients love you. They booked you, they invested in you, they will follow your lead. Set the boundary, and they will respect it.

Moving on, Thursdays are client workdays. On Thursdays I have zero phone calls, nothing. I usually put my phone on “do not disturb,” and I spend the day working on design projects. Fridays are what I call “CEO days.” These are the days that I work on my business. Sometimes I take Fridays off work and use that time to refuel. It all just depends on the week.

Ok, so now weekends. This is a big one, and again, you have to do what works best for you. Weekends are sacred for me. Do I work sometimes? Yep. But I try to make weekends time to refuel. I pour into a lot of people during the week, and while I love my people, I do have to refuel in order to properly pour into them. In the past, I would work weekend after weekend, but then I’d hit a complete wall. I promise you, you will show up better for your clients when you take time to yourself. For some of you that may be opposite. For some people, the weekends are actually when they can work on their business, and during the week is when they can refill. That's okay, everyone's schedule is completely different. The important thing is that there's a balance.

Okay, now holidays. For me, taking time off for holidays is a non-negotiable. I don't care if someone wants to launch on Christmas day, they can launch on Christmas day by themselves. I love them, but holidays are non-negotiable. I did not start this business to be working on Christmas. And yes, I have actually had this happen once. Holidays are when you should be with your family.

So that’s what my weeks look like in general. I know setting up a schedule can be hard, and if that’s you, I get it! One thing that really helped me was something called a blocking system. This can be especially helpful if you don’t have set days to work on certain tasks. For example, if you knew you were going to be off work on Tuesday, you could block it to work on your business. So from 9am to noon, put your phone on “do not disturb,” make a detailed list of what needs to get done, and get it done.

When the Corona hit, some of my clients who are teachers were finding it hard to go from teaching to then getting into their business. So what we did for them was to block their day between teacher tasks and business tasks. For example, in the mornings they worked on schoolwork, and then in the afternoons from like two to five they worked on their business. And that helped because before they felt like they were going back and forth between school brain and business brain and they were overwhelmed and exhausted by the end of the day. So blocking out time for specific tasks was super helpful for them when every day looked a little different. The blocking system can be really helpful for getting work done and not sacrificing your peace, as long as you follow it. You’ve got to be in full focus mode (no social media, phone, etc.) for it to actually work.

As you’re setting up your schedule, check out my free resource that helps you create a profitable and peaceful schedule. I walk you through exactly how I did it and how you can make it fit with your life. In this workbook what you’ll do is throw everything that you’re responsible for on the table, pickups, grocery, shopping, laundry, etc. and then plug and play those into your calendar. That's exactly what I did, and that is what helped me more than anything really.

Now I’m going to dig into some frequently asked questions about schedules.


Q: What if clients respond to me on weekends?

A: That's okay. Personally, I let people know in the contract and their first call that I’m available Monday through Friday, but anything outside of that, I may not respond to them until the following Monday. This is absolutely okay to do. You're human and you cannot physically and emotionally be available all the time. Now if I am working on a weekend or if they have a launch on Monday, I will respond to them, but it’s not the norm. So make sure to set that expectation in the very beginning.

Q: What if my clients can't do calls during the day?

A: What I do is have one day a week that I go later into the evening till about six o'clock because I know some clients can't do noon or two or whatever. I go a little later into the evening for those clients, but I tell them I don't work weekends. If they don't like that, then we just don't align, nothing against them. That's just the life that I want and the business I want to have. I don't want to work weekends. Now, if you love working weekends, go right ahead. If you don't want to do Saturdays, don't do Saturdays. Even if they ask, tell them you don't do calls on Saturdays and ask if an evening would work better for them.

Q: What if weekends are when I have time to run my business?

A: Again, this kind of goes back to how I responded to the previous question. If that's what works best for you, that's okay. My way doesn't work for everybody. The biggest piece of advice I can give you with this when it comes to creating your schedule is you have to sit down before you even go into creating your schedule and ask yourself, “What life am I trying to create?”. What's your number one priority? For example, when I ask moms this question, a lot of them will say their kids. They want to be able to pick their kids up every day. They want to be there for dinner every day. So we build a business around their values and priorities. Don't do it the other way around. So many business owners build their schedule around their business. You shouldn't do that. Instead you should make your business fit into your life, not your life fit into your business.

I hope this helps you! If you have any questions, leave a comment or send me a DM @profitsandpeace.




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