Building a Solid Foundation: How to Avoid Going Backwards in Your Business

Building a solid foundation in your business will set you on the right path and keep you from going backwards in your business. In the beginning of my business, I flopped around and fell on my face because I didn’t build a solid foundation. I found myself coming back to things that I should have done before I even launched. I don’t want you to have to go through what I did, so I’m sharing here how to build a solid foundation in your business.

Before we get into the details of building a foundation, I want to ask you one question, “Would you hire two plumbers to do the same job at the same time?”. I'm going to assume that that's a “no”. Or another way to ask it is,“Would you follow two diets at one time?”. Again, probably “no” because you wouldn’t know which one was giving you the results (not to mention that they may be conflicting diets).

One of the biggest problems I see in business is people try to do too many things simultaneously. Maybe they have multiple coaches at the same time. Or they took multiple courses or downloaded a marketing plan. First of all, you can not follow two people at the same time. You just can't and it's not good for your brain. Personally, I will not work with people that have another coach. And it's not because I don't think they should have another coach, it's just that I believe you can’t follow two people's plans at the exact same time. If you’re working with two coaches or doing two programs at the same time, you're going to get overwhelmed. You're going to hear contradicting things more than likely. They may agree on some things, but for the most part, something about what they teach is going to be different. So rule number one of building a solid foundation is, don’t hire two people to do the same thing at once.


1. Foundation

I want you to look at building your business like a house. Disclaimer - I've never built a home before, so I don't know all the technical stuff, but on a basic level I want you to look at your business like a home. Just like when you build a home, you want to make sure that you have a solid foundation when you build a business. For example, you wouldn’t put up walls and a roof on before you had a great foundation, correct? Inside your foundation is your messaging, mindset, services, opt-in, goal setting, and clarity. It's little minor stuff that we sometimes step over when we are money-hungry and we want to grow.

The first thing in foundation is messaging. I will go a lot more in depth with messaging in the future, but most times people think messaging is just showing what they do. It actually goes a lot deeper than that. The same thing goes with your mindset - you’ve got to do a mindset shift. We are forever going to be working on our mindset, but don't ever let that hold you back. Start working on it now.

Another aspect of the foundation is your services. The thing I see all the time is that when people go into launching businesses they have 45 services. You don’t need multiple services, you just need one signature offer.

How about your opt-in or your freebie? A lot of times I see people give away “freebies” or opt-ins that have nothing to do with the transformation they provide in their service. Make sure that your freebie or opt-in aligns completely with the service that you offer. For example, if you are giving out keto recipes, but you teach another type of diet, your opt-in and services don't align.

So that's your foundation - your messaging, mindset, services, freebies, goal-setting, and clarity. It’s about getting super clear on where you want to go, who you want to help, how you're going to help and serve them as well as the transformation that they are going to receive.

2. Walls

The foundation has been laid, now you want to put up the walls. When people walk into a house, the walls are usually decorated and there’s a specific style that gives them an experience. Similarly, in your business you want to give people a specific experience. The walls in your business are all about creating that experience for people - the visuals, brand awareness, and structure, which is essentially your schedule. Think of it like the layout. When someone enters your house (or looks into your business) where do you want them to go next? Do you want them to go to the kitchen for a drink? Do you want them to go sit on the couch and hang out? That’s what you want to layout when you’re in the walls phase.

3. Roof

As we all know, if you do not have a roof on your house it's going to be a hot mess express. So with the roof, you want to create processes, workflows and systems for a solid business. A lot of times this is definitely overlooked. I think people think they have systems, but they really don’t. I mean, I thought I had systems in place until I grew more and realized that I did not have my systems in check. I was constantly cleaning things up!

So you want to make sure that you have processes, workflows, and systems for a solid business. We teach a lot about these in the Profits and Peace program, but I’ll break each of them down here. A process is basically the process from the first meeting to saying yes. So what does that look like? Do they message you on Instagram? And then do they have to apply? And then do they have to get on an inquiry call? And then they say, “yes.” That's your process.

Workflows are after the say “yes.” After they say “yes” what happens? Do you send them a contract? Do you send them a link to set up the first phone call? Essentially, what happens between when they say “yes” and their first phone call. That's what a workflow is.

Your systems are the things that help you do the process and the workflow. So for example, we use a program called HoneyBook to help us with the workflow portion. And in the beginning, the process is essentially me.

4. Windows

So you've got the roof, and now you go into the windows. I like to always say the windows are like a way that they can see in. Under windows, you've got curating clients, exposure, creating transformations and marketing. You want to create transformation so people can look into your window and see those transformations.

What I normally see when people come is a whole lot of half-built houses. People come in with no foundation, but they'll have a roof and walls. People will come in and have a foundation, but they don't have a roof. So when you're going through this, just make sure that you really focus on building a beautiful, solid home that you can be in forever. Now, if you pivot, that's fine, but that starts at your foundation, which we can go into in another post.

So, make sure that you're starting out with number one, your foundation. First, you want to get clear on your messaging, your mindset, your services, your freebie, goal-setting, and clarity. Then you want to go into your walls. You want to build a structure, build your brand awareness, create the visuals and create the experience. Then you want to go to the roof where you create processes, workflows, and systems for a super solid business. And then lastly, you go to the windows where you work on curating clients, exposure, creating transformations and marketing. And then before you know it, if you go in that order, you will have a house full of people. As long as you think about this when you're getting all the things set up for your business, you'll be golden.




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