8 Ways To Find Clients

A lot of people come to me thinking that social media is the only way they can get clients. I’m here to say, that’s absolutely not true. So, if not on social media, how do you find clients? I’m going to dig into that here.

1. Your Circle

I feel like this one is a given, but have you actually done it? When I first started, someone asked me this question and I thought, “no one close to me wants what I have.” Wrong! You have to think bigger when it comes to your circle. Your circle could be your church, a community group you're involved in, or like for me, I love dog rescues. You want to look into not necessarily the people, but the communities around you.

2. Personal Network

Your personal network are the people around you. So your circle organizations, churches, youth groups, etc. that you’re a part of, and your personal network is the people you know. This doesn’t just have to be friends and family, it can be anyone you come in contact with on a regular basis. What about the lady who does your nails? Do you have a relationship with her? Does she know what you're doing?

Don’t be afraid - you don't have to pitch to these people. You can tell them, “Hey, I launched a new business and wanted to let you know. If you know anyone who needs these types of services, I would highly appreciate a referral.” Then you want to go to your friends and family and tell them what you're doing. Let them know so that they're familiar with what you do and can refer people to you. I've had a family member say, “I didn't realize that's what you did. I totally could have been recommending you.” The more I opened up about it, the more they actually started referring people to me. So you want to make sure that you reach out to them too.

3. Events

This is one of those no brainer ones, but again, are you actually doing it? Obviously with everything going on right now you can't really just go to an event locally, but there are tons of online events. When going to these events, whether online or in person, your goal is not to pitch, but instead to network and get your face out there. You want to show up as a human being and make a connection with people. So find events to attend online right now, and then once things open up go find events to attend in person.

4. Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are great for networking. Here’s what not to do - don’t go post about yourself in a Facebook group. That is the most salesy, tackiest way to do things to me personally. Members will know you're trying to get promo. Instead, use the “search” tool to find clients. For example, in the beginning of my business since no one knew me, I would go and search “designer” in a Facebook group. I would see who was looking for a designer and send them a message. Will messages get left unread? Absolutely. Should you care? Absolutely not. Keep going! For every person who doesn't respond or who says “no”, there are 900 other people that will say “yes”.

5. Referral Program

You should hands down have a referral program. When I tell people this, they always think that they need some fancy system. Guess what? You don't need a fancy program. Our referral program is super simpler. We tell our clients that if they send someone our way, we will send them x amount of money via PayPal. I always recommend cash over gift cards, because I've learned that cash gets you a lot more referrals than $10 to Starbucks.

For our referral program, I try to make it worth their while. People are not going to go for $5, unless they just totally love you and want to refer you. That's just the truth. You can do the referral amount based on what your package is. For example, we do $100 for a $1,000 dollar package. For larger packages, we gift more. It all depends on the price of your program, and it will most likely change as you grow.

6. Follow-ups

Again, you've heard this many, many times and yet a lot of people still don't follow it. You've got to follow up with people, even if they said “no”. For example, let's say someone said, “No, now is not a good time.” Write their name down, come back to them in a month and check in with them to see how they are doing.

7. Social Media

So of course social media is a big part of business, right? But how do you do it successfully? The truth is that there is no secret sauce to creating a post that gets you 50 clients. You're just not going to find that. But what you can do is make sure you're consistently showing up and your message is super, super clear. That's the most important thing with social media. Don't fluff it up. I see a lot of fluff on social instead of getting straight to the point, being real, and going deeper into your client's pain points and transformations. So if social media is something you’re comfortable with, show up, be direct, and show them the transformation. Ask yourself, “Am I crystal clear? Or am I beating around the bush?”.

8. Value

Value goes hand in hand with social media and pretty much everything else. Are you giving true value? There's a huge difference in educating and talking. For example, a lot of times people will show up and tell a story about themselves. That’s great, but now teach them how to overcome what you overcame. Give them something tangible that they can use. That is where you would give them value.

Okay, now you know how to find clients, now go out there and do it!




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