6 Reason's You Aren't Getting Clients

Today’s post was highly requested, so I am super excited to share this with you 6 reasons you aren’t getting clients. Let’s dive right in!

1. Pricing and Your Ideal Client

You hear this on the internet all the time, “Charge what you're worth.” Unpopular opinion, but I do not believe in that at all. When I first started my design business, I charged literally $100 for a website because no one knew who I was. I had just started, I had never really done that before, and I didn't have credibility. So I started very small. Was I worth more than that? Absolutely. You can’t put a price on your worth! At the end of the day, if we charged what we're worth, it would be millions.

Instead, make sure your price point fits really well with your ideal clients’. For example, I have a client who markets to single moms, and when she first came to me, her program was priced at $4,500. Now, that's not a terrible price for her program, but most single moms can’t just drop $4,500 in a moment. Some can, but most can't. You've got to ask yourself - What does this person do? Can they afford this price point? Things like that.

If you truly believe your offer is worth say the $4,500, and you know people could pay it, but it’s more of a mindset issue. Then create some smaller offers that seem more accessible that they can purchase from you. For example, if you have this big program for single moms and you know that a couple of people have booked it, make something small so that the others can get it as well. In summary, think about your pricing with your ideal customer in mind. Your current pricing may not align with the person that you're trying to reach.

2. They Don’t See the Value

I know that sounds simple, but it is simple. They do not see the value in what you have to offer. You may think that your messaging is crystal clear, but if it's not converting, it's not perfect to them. A great message is not when your ideal client understands you, it's when your ideal client feels understood by you.

Download the Connected, Seen, & Heard workbook that my clients love and will help you get super deep into the mindset of your clients. Because most of the time we teach what we've gone through to help them avoid going through the same pain we went through. However, so often we forget what that pain was because we are currently living in a different mindset. You have to take yourself back and dig deeper into what you were struggling with at the beginning. That’s what your ideal client is feeling now and when you share your past pain points and mindset, they are going to feel connected, seen, and heard by you.

3. You're Too General

You've heard it a million times, “niche down” or “the riches are in the niches.” Of course, I don't one hundred percent agree with that, especially when you're just starting a business. If you're just starting out, I actually recommend you stay a little general in your industry. But the key here is to be more specific in their pain points.

If you've just started a business within the past year, and you haven't gotten a lot of momentum, I believe you should keep your business a little general, because you don't know what lights your soul on fire until you've actually done it. Personally, when I started coaching I kept it very general, like “I help people grow businesses.” I wasn't sure exactly what kind of person I wanted to help. I wasn't exactly sure if I wanted to niche down to just designers or if I wanted to work with coaches. And it was only when I was immersed in working with all types of businesses that I quickly learned what industries I did and did not want to teach in. I learned where I was strong, things like that.

Don’t get me wrong, long-term I do think you should niche down. But should you niche down in the beginning? Absolutely not, because you don't know what you’re good at or what population you enjoy working with.

With that being said, when I say “you're being too general”, you're just being too general when it comes to marketing. Number two and three go hand-in-hand. For example, let's say you’re a health coach and you're saying, “I can help you lose weight.” That's extremely general. This is where you have to go deeper into their pain points. Give them a situation, like “helping you feel confident in front of your husband.” Doing that Connected, Seen & Heard workbook will really help you get more specific here.

4. You’re The New Kid on the Block

If you're new to anything that you're doing within the past six months, people are still watching and waiting for you to go onto something else. That sounds brutal, but that's just the truth. They're probably thinking, is this just a fad? Is this something new that she's dabbling in? Or is she serious about this? Because I promise you, people will come out of the woodwork a year later and be like, “Oh, I've been watching you for a long time.” Because they want to see if you're going to stay consistent. I say this all the time, but consistency is currency all the way. You have to be consistent in the way you show up and in the way you market.

I see people all the time starting new stuff. They'll run off and start a TikTok, or they'll start a new podcast, etc. Well, guess what happens? They do that for a month, and then they don't stay consistent with it which hurts their credibility. People want to see consistency. So remember that in what you're doing anything. If you're doing email marketing, are you consistently showing up? Because if you're all over the place, they are not going to pay attention or take you seriously. So just remember that if you're the new kid on the block, consistency is what you need to prove right now.

5. You're Doing Too Much

This one kind of goes hand-in-hand with what I was just mentioning about podcasting. Guys, you only need two drivers in your business. Drivers are basically ways that you market your business. So that could be social media, email marketing, podcasting, Pinterest, blogging, etc. I do have three drivers - podcasting, Pinterest, and email marketing - in my business because my business is further along. But starting out, you just need two drivers. If you have more than two, what happens is that you have a show up on all these platforms and you end up posting for the sake of posting instead of giving it your all and focusing on growing.

Think of it this way. You’re driving a car and you're trying to reach a destination. The cars are your drivers in your business, you’ve got Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, all these things, right? If you're constantly switching in and out of cars it gets exhausting. Eventually you'll get where you're trying to go, but it's going to take you forever. Whereas if you just focus on even two vehicles, you're going to get there more efficiently and faster.

I think the biggest reason that people do multiple things is because they don't give each driver enough time to work. Don’t assume something isn’t working a couple months in. It goes back to the consistency thing, you have to give things time to grow.

Here’s an action step for you - write down everything you're doing to market your business, to connect with your ideal client. Now take it to the chopping block. You need two things. It's going to be hard and you're going to almost get bored sometimes and want to do something like start a TikTok. Now, disclaimer, I actually love TikTok. I love finding good recipes and tips and tricks and stuff on there, but I don't use it to market my business. So, make a list of everything that you're doing for your business. Take it to the chopping block, pare it down to two things, and I promise you, you will see a massive difference in the way people see you and interact with you.

6. You Aren’t Making it Easy

This one may seem minor, but it’s a big one. Do people know how to find out more information? I don't mean the salesy way telling people to check out your website in your social media posts. What I mean is, is your website in your bio? Is your business page connected to your personal page? Things like that. Think about what you do if you see something and want to know more about that. Where do you go? What do you do now? Some people will just send you a direct message without even looking for a website. But the majority of people are going to look for a website because they're not quite ready to message you. They just want to get more information. So think what you would do in this situation and make sure that you make it easy for people to access your website and bio.

Going along with this, the other issue I see a lot is that people have way too many services on their website. So when people get on your website or the link in your bio, is there a clear path for them to go exactly where they need to go? Or are you offering 800 different services and making them feel overwhelmed? A lot of times people will offer multiple things because they’re trying to meet every person and price point. But hear me, that’s too much and it’s not getting you anywhere. I always tell people, you shouldn't have more than three services or offers. Two is really ideal, but three is max. I recommend two so that one offer is at a higher price point, and the second is a lower price point your ideal client can get a sample of you and how you teach. Once they get a taste of what you offer, they will be more interested in investing in the higher price offer. So take a really good audit of what you’re offering and ask yourself if you are making it easy for them to get where you want them to go.

So there you have it! I hope these six things helped you audit what you’re doing and how you can start getting more clients now! If at any time you need any help, DM me on Instagram at @profitsandpeace! I love answering questions and helping people.




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